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Back Alley Rock Shop

Located in Historic downtown Skagway, Alaska

GOLD PANNING ~ REAL gold GUARANTEED!! A world class instructor guides you through this age old endeavor.

Gold Panning

We offer gold panning right on the premises. We have a large yard for this and more, including a rock and sculpture garden. Everyone is guaranteed to get real gold.

Gem Panning

We offer gem Panning right on the premises. A good fun family activity. Discover a variety of gems. Emeralds, Sapphires, rubies, garnets, calcite, petrified wood, and about 20 others. Bring them home and turn them into heirlooms.

Cost: $22.00 per person

GEM MINING ~ a great activity that the entire family will enjoy. Bring your treasures home and convert them into family heirlooms. Experience the thrill of discovering gems and minerals from all over the world!


May to sept.


7 days a week on the hour